MaxMedical Tour Risks Insurance

MaxMedical Tour insurance is designed for all foreigners that consider medical treatment in the Czech Republic and wish to have covered possible risks related to medical intervention. This product focused on medical tourism of foreigners is quite unique.

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Health care in the Czech Republic

  • Local hospitals dispose of the most advanced technical equipment.
  • Medical interventions are performed by experts recognized on both European and global level.
  • Medical care is, compared to the care abroad, affordable.

Why is it good to be insured?

  • Although the complications percentage during the medical intervention is very low, it can never be excluded altogether.
  • The concluded insurance covers possible increased financial costs of the provided care – e.g. in case of prolonged stay in the hospital, compared to the original plan.

How much is the insurance?

  • The price of the insurance is individual and is determined based on a specific intervention and the performance limit requested by you.

Do you wish to have more information on insurance?

How to arrange for MaxMedical Tour travel risks insurance?

Maxima pojišťovna with its MaxMedical Tour product accommodates all companies running business in the health tourism area. Our partner agency is European Patient Service, providing its clients with complex travel and medical services in cooperation with an insurance company.European Patient Service

If you are interested in using top medical care in the Czech Republic, please contact EPS at +420 725 430 565 or via a request form – here.