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Machinery and electronics insurance

Insurance of immovable property covers all your machinery and electronic appliances against damage by natural hazards. We offer machinery insurance against damage caused by mechanical faults or due to other internal reasons, such as, for example, faulty construction of machinery, faulty materials or faulty manufacture (if such a fault is not covered by the manufacturer or supplier, or if the fault was not caused by the usual operational wear&tear, etc.)

Very often the damage to machinery happens in the result of faulty or inappropriate servicing of the equipment. For such cases we can offer insurance of technical risks which is concluded on the basis of the so-called all risk insurance. The insurance covers all risks which are not explicitly excluded from cover in the insurance terms and conditions or in insurance wording (in difference from specification of certain covered risks in frames of natural hazards insurance).

Machinery and electronics insurance covers:

  • machinery, equipment and technical appliances
  • electro-technical or electronic appliances and equipment

Conclude machinery and electronics insurance at Maxima insurance company, a.s.

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