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Permanent disability insurance

Permanent disability insurance will provide you with protection against long-term negative financial impact. Such situation may be caused by an unpleasant accident that resulted into a permanent health aftereffect of the accident. The amount of insurance indemnity depends on the insurance coverage amount as well as on the extent of the caused damage/injury. Of course, medical report is required and taken into consideration. Maxima Pojišťovna, a.s. wants to protect you from unpleasant financial consequences that permanent aftereffects of an injury can certainly leave.

Benefits of Permanent disability insurance

  • Available for favorable prices
  • Providing permanent disability insurance with wide scope/range of coverage
  • Covering many risks and life situations
  • Insurance payout in case of permanent/lifelong injury aftereffects
  • In the hardest injuries progression of indemnity

Whether we like it or not, life brings moments and situations that can greatly affect it or even change it forever. Unfortunately, injury belongs to such situations. Are you protecting you and your family members well enough from all consequences that an injury can cause? Get insured against the permanent/lifelong aftereffect of an accident at Maxima Pojišťovna, a.s.; combine it with life insurance and be prepared for each and any situation that life can bring.

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