Insurance of Necessary and Urgent Care

  • Suitable, in particular, for short-term stays in the Czech Republic 
  • With the Premium tariff, your health is protected all over the Schengen area
  • The insurance applies only to necessary and urgent medical care
  • A part of insurance is also acute dental treatment with a limit of CZK 5,000

How does the insurance work?


Sjednání online


You can arrange your insurance online on our website, at our branch, or with our licenced partner. 

smluvní zařízení


In case of health problems, please visit any of the medical facilities the list of which is available on our website.



Don't worry about the payment. The insurance company will arrange the reimbursement of the cost with the doctor or the medical facility. 


Insurance Content PREMIUM Insurance of Necessary and Urgent Care
Insurance benefits limit in Schengen countries within the scope of necessary and urgent care EUR 60,000
Acute medical treatment ok
Total insurance benefits limit  EUR 60,000
Repatriation limit CZK 300,000
Free assistance services ok
Acute dental treatment CZK 5,000
Drugs prescribed within the scope of public insurance ok
It meets the legal conditions of stay of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic ok

* Please note that dental treatment is paid for in cash at the prices of public health insurance, with a limit of CZK 5,000.
Pojištění nákladů na akutní zdravotní ošetření cizinců

Insurance of Necessary and Urgent Care of Foreign Nationals

for an advantageous price from CZK 540/month

Take out online


Insurance-related advantages 


  • Splňuje legislativu

    The insurance meets the conditions pursuant to the Act on the Stay of Foreign Nationals in the Czech Republic

  • ošetření

    Treatment in contractual facilities without direct reimbursement of the cost

  • Sami si můžete určit rozsah pojištění

    Define the scope of your insurance yourself

  • limit

    Total insurance benefits limit of EUR 60,000

  • Náklady na repatriaci

    Repatriation cost of up to CZK 300,000

  • smluvní zařízení

    Quality and available network of doctor's offices all over the Czech Republic

What interests you most

For how long can I take out Insurance of Necessary and Urgent Care of Foreign Nationals? 

This insurance can be taken out for a definite period of max 1 year.

I have concluded an online insurance contract which I have received at my email. What now?

Print out the insurance contract and submit it to the relevant authority. Keep one copy of the contract and the General Insurance Conditions for your own needs.

I have bought Insurance of Necessary and Urgent Care but I need Comprehensive Care. Can you change that for me? 

Yes, upon prior agreement with the insurance company. If the contract comes into force prior to the beginning of the insurance, it is possible to fill in the Request for a Change in the Contract. The money paid for Insurance of Necessary and Urgent Care will be transferred to Comprehensive Insurance of Foreign Nationals. 

I have a long-term visa. Can I take out Insurance of Necessary and Urgent Care of Foreign Nationals anyway?

Yes, you can, but, in this type of stay, the authorities recommend Comprehensive Insurance of Foreign Nationals. It is also necessary to remember that this insurance shall be taken out for the definite period specified in your insurance contract. 

I need a proof of payment of the insurance premium. Where can I find it?

The receipt is part of the insurance contract and can be found in the bottom part of the insurance contract.

What does repatriation mean?

Repatriation is a transfer of an ill insured person or his remains to the state the travel documents of which he owns or where he is permitted to stay.