Health Insurance of Foreign Nationals

  • Meets the conditions pursuant to the Act on the Stay of Foreign Nationals in the Czech Republic
  • Without direct reimbursement of the cost in 140 healthcare facilities 
  • A high insurance benefits limit of up to EUR 600 thousand for comprehensive care of foreign nationals 
  • A service branch in the centre of Prague with multilingual personnel 

Select the right option of MaxMedical insurance

Insurance Content STANDARD Comprehensive Health Insurance of Foreign Nationals  EXCLUSIVE Comprehensive Health Insurance of Foreign Nationals  PREMIUM Insurance of Necessary and Urgent Care
Comprehensive care fail fail ok
Acute medical treatment  ok ok ok
Limit per insured event  EUR 400,000  EUR 600,000  EUR 60,000 
Repatriation limit  EUR 400,000 EUR 600,000 CZK 300,000
Insurance limit in Schengen countries within the scope of necessary and urgent care EUR 30,000  EUR 100,000  EUR 60,000 
Liability insurance (for annual or longer contract) fail fail ok
Free assistance services ok ok ok
Acute dental treatment EUR 400 EUR 1000 EUR 200
Preventive check-ups fail fail ok
Mandatory inoculation within the scope of public insurance  fail fail ok
Drugs prescribed within the scope of public insurance ok ok ok
Meets the legal requirements for stay of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic ok ok ok
Pregnancy and childbirth without waiting time in the Premium variant incl. Pregnancy Package additional insurance possible fail fail
MaxCare (total fill limit)** fail 4 000 CZK fail
Free TeleMedic service fail ok fail

* Please note that dental treatment is paid for in cash at the prices of public health insurance, with a limit of EUR 200 / 400 / 1000.

** The insurance includes an allowance for MaxCare.

Calling an ambulance is covered in the event of an immediate threat to life (collapse, epileptic seizure, accident, childbirth).
The insurance company does not cover the visit of a doctor to remove a tick. It is recommended to visit a pharmacy where tools and products for this purpose are available.

Zdravotní pojištění cizinců MaxMedical

Health Insurance of Foreign Nationals

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Why choose this insurance? 


  • zákonné podmínky

    It meets the legal conditions of stay of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic. 

  • Telefon

    MaxCare Health and Support Programme. Free TeleMedic service.

  • Možnost připojištění těhotenství

    Pregnancy and childbirth insurance with a limit of EUR 400,000

  • léky

    The insurance covers prescribed drugs within the scope of public health insurance.

  • předepsané léky

    The insurance covers all treatment processes associated with necessary treatment.

  • odpovědnost

    For annual comprehensive insurance; the price also includes liability insurance of person

What interests you most

I need a confirmation of insurance for the embassy. Can it be issued for me?

To this effect, there is the insurance contract which contains a confirmation of payment. In case of problems about acceptance of the insurance contract, please write to Comprehensive Health Insurance of Foreign Nationals and Insurance of Necessary and Urgent Care meet all elements required to obtain a residence permit. The arrangement of insurance is the basic condition for the issuance of visa. These types of insurance meet the conditions of Act No. 277/2002 Coll. and Act No. 326/1999 Coll.

Where can I find a list of contractual medical facilities of Maxima pojišťovna

A list of contractual medical facilities is freely available HERE.

What number shall I call when I need to know, for example, what doctor to visit?

In this case, contact the assistance service EuroCross Assistance at +420 296 339 685. You can call this number from the Czech Republic and all Schengen countries. Assistance services are provided not only in Czech but also in Slovakian, English, German, French, Russian, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. 

I have just taken out insurance of foreign nationals and want to pay for it via bank transfer. What are the payment details? 

The insurance premium pursuant to contracts concluded online can only be paid by card. Payment by bank transfer is required where insurance is taken out with partner branches. Please transfer the sum to the bank account number 209855325/0300; the transaction identification number is the number of your contract specified in the head of the contract. IBAN CZ59 0300 0000 0002 0985 5325 and SWIFT CEKOCZPP need to be completed in case of payments from countries other than the Czech Republic.

How shall I prove my insurance to the doctor?

The insured can prove his identity to a doctor through his insurance contract or the plastic card the issuance of which can be requested at any of the insurance company’s branches or with the licensed partner with whom the insurance has been concluded. Some contractual facilities are able to verify the validity of contract directly in the insurance company’s system. The contractual medical facility then charges the insurance company the cost of the provided medical treatment covered by the insurance.

What does 'coverage in transit countries' mean?

Transit means transportation of the insured from the place of his temporary stay to the state of which he is a national or where his stay has been permitted. The transportation of the insured to such a place must not take longer than 24 hours and must be substantiated by a travel document or proof of purchased fuels.

Are there any insurance benefits limits?

Yes, for Comprehensive Health Insurance, the minimum benefit limit is EUR 400,000 per claim. For Necessary and Urgent Care for Foreigners, the total benefit limit is EUR 60,000. It also includes necessary dental treatment with a limit of EUR 5,000 and repatriation costs must not exceed EUR 300,000 for Necessary and Urgent Care or EUR 400,000 for Comprehensive Insurance.

How does the investigation of insured events take place within the health insurance of foreign nationals?

If you have undergone treatment in any of Maxima’s contractual medical facilities, the medical facility shall invoice the cost directly to the insurance company – you pay nothing (except for dental treatment). For this reason, we recommend that you use solely contractual medical facilities. If you have visited another medical facility and have paid for the treatment in cash, you need to send the insurance company an original of the payment receipt, the medical report, the bank account number, and the completed Notification of an Insured Event under Health Insurance of Foreign Nationals. Then send these documents to or to the insurance company’s address Maxima pojišťovna a. s., likvidace pojistných událostí, Italská 1583/24, 120 00 Praha 2 – Vinohrady, or through your agent.

Can visa be granted based on Maxima's health insurance of foreign nationals?

Yes, it can. Our health insurance of foreign nationals meets all legal requirements applicable to the permission of stay in the Czech Republic. 

I am going to the Czech Republic to work/study. Does health insurance of foreign nationals apply to work/study stays?

Yes, it does. This insurance will protect you during your study or work in the Czech Republic irrespective of the length of your stay. Comprehensive Insurance covers treatment of an illness or injury, repatriation, and preventive treatment. 

What is TeleMedic and when do I qualify?

The TeleMedic service is a free consultation with a doctor regarding your health condition, symptoms of illness or information on medication, which can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling +420 296 339 685. Consultations can be made in Czech, English, Russian and Ukrainian. The service is part of the MaxMedical comprehensive health insurance for foreigners in the Exclusive variant.