• If you wish to get beat doing sports, you better get some insurance first
  • Bad things happen to those without insurance​​​​​​​
  • Accidents are not coincidental, that’s why we have accident insurance
  • Death does not surprise the wise, those are always insured

    Smrt nepřekvapí moudrého, ten je vždycky připraven odejít

    Smrt nepřekvapí moudrého, ten je vždycky připraven odejít

    Zdroj: nepřekvapí moudrého, ten je vždycky připraven odejít
Term Life Insurance

Term Life Insurance

protect yourself and your loved ones against the financial burden associated with injury, illness or death

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Why choose this particular insurance


  • Pojistná ochrana

    Insurance coverage up
    to 75 years of age

  • Pojištění invalidity

    Disability insurance can be adjusted
    according to the individual degree of disability

  • Možnost variabilního nastavení

    Option of variable setting with a direct impact on price

  • Vysoké limity plnění

    High coverage levels without unnecessary
    probing of your financial situation

  • Trvalé následky urazu

    Injury resulting in permanent disability with
    coverage starting from 0.5 % and with up to 800 % increase

  • Možnost pojištění denní dávky

    Option of daily allowance insurance
    and hospital admission insurance

What interests you most

Which illnesses are covered by serious illness insurance?

This insurance covers heart attack, cancer, stroke, acute kidney failure, vital organ transplantation, aortic surgery, benign brain tumour, blindness, deafness, paraplegia, tetraplegia, hemiplegia, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, coronary arteries surgery, multiple sclerosis, bacterial or viral meningitis, encephalitis, heavy burns, coma, non-trauma based aphasia, tetanus, severe dementia, aplastic anaemia, non-trauma based limb amputation, Ebola, primary pulmonary hypertension, systemic lupus erythematosus, glaucoma or HIV contracted as a part of an occupation.

What does disability mean and what are the differences between the individual degrees?

The disability means the loss or partial loss of capacity for work, and it is divided into three degrees. The first-degree disability means the reduction in capacity for work by at least 35 %, second-degree disability is the reduction in capacity for work by at least 50 % and third-degree disability is the reduction in capacity for work by at least 70 %.

Is the term life insurance tax deductible?

Unfortunately not. This kind of insurance does not meet the legal requirements for tax deductibility. The possibility of tax deduction applies to the types of insurance with the savings component.

What happens if I forget to pay the premium?

In order for the insurance policy to become valid, the first premium payment must be made. Otherwise, the claim to the eventual insurance compensation is not established. If you make the first premium payment and will be in default at any time of the insurance period, the policy does not expire, but you need to settle the outstanding amount to avoid any recovery.

What does the waiting period mean?

The waiting period concerns certain risks specified in the General Insurance Terms and Conditions. It means the time starting with the commencement of the insurance policy and the specific duration of which is specified in the relevant insurance terms and conditions. If any insured or harmful event occurs during this period, the claim to insurance compensation does not arise at all or to a limited extent (the claim to insurance compensation starts with the end of the waiting period).

What does the qualifying period mean?

The qualifying period starts with the occurrence of the insured event with the exclusion or limitation of the insurance claim (it is paid retrospectively following the expiry of the qualifying period). The duration of the qualifying period is specified in the insurance policy.

Who is the beneficiary?

The beneficiary is the person who, in the event of the insured person’s death, receives insurance compensation. This person is specified in the insurance policy. There can be more than one beneficiary, and the proportion of eventual insurance compensation is determined by percentage.

What are the risk classes and to which do I belong?

Do jaké rizikové skupiny budete patřit, záleží na zaměstnání a sportu, který vykonáváte. Tyto aspekty mají také vliv na výši pojistného. The risk class in which you belong is determined by your occupation and the sport that you do. These aspects influence the amount of insurance premium payments. There are three risk classes in total. The first one includes persons performing mental, administrative or managerial work. It also includes light manual labour comparable to non-manufacturing activity. As far as sports are concerned, the first class includes recreational and occasional sports. These activities include golf, bowling, billiards, chess, darts or hiking. The second risk class encompasses heavier manual or manufacturing labour where the workers face increased occupational hazards (e.g. garbage collectors, tinsmiths or workers in agriculture). Sports performed as training, competitive or racing activities include cycling, mountaineering, fitness, aerobics, ballet, dance, biathlon, gymnastics or bodybuilding. The third risk class concerns those with high occupational risks. These may include work in underground mines, mountain rescue or other work performed at great heights. In terms of sport, this risk class focuses on training, competitive and racing activities such as shot putting, boxing, glacier climbing or horse riding.

What should I do if my employer contributes to my life insurance and I terminate my employment?

You can request the insurance company to revise your insurance policy and reduce the premium payments to the amounts you have paid by yourself up to this point, otherwise, you will start paying the premium payments in their entirety (including the employer’s contribution). However, you must always notify the insurance company of such change.

Is it possible that under some circumstances I cannot get the insurance?

The insurance does not include sports performed on the level of national or international competition and the professional athletes (with the exception of sports specified in the first risk class) and those performing extreme sports, such as deep diving or white-water rafting, cannot be insured. Other persons who cannot be insured are sport aircraft pilots, military pilots, pilots in general and helicopter crew members. The factory vehicle and vessel drivers, pyrotechnists and bomb disposal experts, acrobats and stuntmen, lion tamers, members of tactical units and task forces or UN troops are also uninsurable.

The term life insurance includes child insurance. What does this insurance cover?

This insurance covers the death of the child, serious illnesses, hospital admission, daily compensation for the injury treatment period and the permanent disability of the child. For more information, refer to the general terms and conditions.