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Accident insurance

Accidents always tend to happen at the time when we least expect it or when it is least appropriate for us. Nowadays, unfortunately, accidents do not avoid anyone - accident can happen to us at work, during a holiday, while doing sports or even at home. Of course, no insurance can prevent an accident from happening. But accident insurance protects you from unpleasant financial impact of such accident/injury. Maxima Pojišťovna, a.s. thinks about individuals, children and families as well as about other groups. Everyone can choose accident insurance that precisely suits him best.

Get your personal accident insurance from Maxima Insurance

Severe injury with extensive permanent aftereffects surely is a big, unwanted intervention into life and it also means a complete change of lifestyle; that, among other things, requires considerable financial resources. The last thing to think about when the injury happens is finance. These are exactly the cases when it is advantageous to have accident insurance from Maxima Insurance – it provides support at such uneasy times.

What are the benefits of accident insurance?

  • Continuous protection all around the world in terms of accident insurance.
  • We can offer Accident insurance for active sportspeople.
  • Do you have a dangerous job? We have accident insurance for you as well.
  • All the age groups can be insured, from children to pensioners including.

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