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Insurance for children

Child's life is often accompanied by accidents and injuries. Hospitals in the Czech Republic treat nearly half a million children's injuries every year. Parents are annually entitled to only 9 days of nursing. Accident insurance for children from Maxima Pojišťona, a.s. allows you to be with your child after the accident and you do not have to worry about the heavy financial impact on the whole family once the legitimate nursing period is over.

Although, of course, nobody wants to profit from the pain of their offspring, Accident insurance for children is never a bad idea. Parents should have their children insured because a serious injury could greatly complicate life not only of the child but also of the whole family. Generally, it is recommended to arrange the child's permanent disability insurance as well. In case of an accident, the family will not find themselves in a bad financial situation and thus can create a child-friendly environment, or even ensure better treatment. Get the Accident insurance for children arranged at Maxima Pojišťovna, a.s.

Benefits of the Insurance for children

  • Accident insurance for children with progressive insurance payout
  • Budget-wise in combination with other insurance products
  • Insurance premiums can be paid monthly, quarterly, semi-annually.
  • Variability in time – you can anytime change and set the ratio between savings and insurance protection 

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