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Life insurance


Insurance of Permanent Consequences

Arrange this insurance as part of the product MaxEfekt. Insurance of permanent consequences will provide protection against long-term negative financial impact upon injury.


Accident insurance

Life Insurance MaxEfekt is not able to protect you against accidents, but it will insure you against unpleasant financial consequences of potential accidents.


Work Incapability Insurance

Work Incapacity Insurance is a guarantee of protection of financial stability and financial income of the insured person and his or her family in the event of work incapability due to illness and injury.


Hospitalization insurance

Insurance is a part of Life Insurance MaxEfekt and covers costs associated with the stay in the hospital due to illness or injury. You can arrange it not only in a branch of the insurance company.


Accident insurance for children

Investment in our children is usually the most promising one. Life Insurance MaxEfekt provides your child with financial security in case of severe injury or illness.


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