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Natural hazards insurance

You can insure both immovable property (buildings, halls, constructions) and movable property. Natural hazards insurance covers damage or destruction of the building, hall (workshop) or a construction. You can insure the objects which you own or administrate, or which you are renting. The scope of movable property can include manufacturing or operational units as well as office equipment. Natural hazards insurance also covers material and product stock and employees' property which can be found in the insured building, or third party's property taken over or exploited in relation to the entrepreneurship, for example, things taken over for repair or rented property including leased property.

Basic natural hazards insurance is concluded to cover cases of damage or destructions of insured property, which happened due to:

  • fire
  • explosion
  • strike of lightning
  • fall or impact of an aircraft, its part or its load.


It is possible to conclude Additional natural hazards insurance  to cover cases of damage or destruction of insured property which happened in the result of:

  • storm, hailstorm
  • landslide, fall of rocks or soil, avalanche, earthquake, if the subject of insurance is a building, also weight of snow or frost (insurance against flood or flooding is possible to conclude under certain conditions)
  • fall of trees, lamp-posts and similar objects, if they are not part of the insurance property or of the same set of items.    


It is also possible to conclude the natural hazards insurance against damage or loss caused by water from piping. If a building is insured against this risk, this also gives the insured the right of claim in cases like:

  • damage to supply water pipeline, discharge water pipeline, pipeline or heating units belonging to central heating system or private heating system or distant heating system or solar system, if such damage happened due to overpressure of steam or liquid, or freezing of water in them, except for damage incurred in the result of faulty maintenance.
  • damage to boiler belonging to the central heating system or private heating system, garniture or connecting piping, if they were damaged or destroyed by frozen water, excluding the losses which happened due to faulty service and maintenance.


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