Sole traders and small businesses

  • The insurance is intended for small businesses and sole traders.
  • Favourable rates and a 15% discount when arranged online..
  • Liability insurance covers compensation for third-party claims to be paid by the entrepreneur.
  • There is also a wide range of sums insured and a high insurance limit.
Sole traders and small businesses

Insurance for sole traders and small businesses

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For whom is the insurance intended?

  • Obchod s potravinami

    Grocery store

  • Obchod s potravinami

    Accommodation – pensions, hotels

  • Obchod s potravinami

    Operation of restaurants

  • Obchod s potravinami

    Blacksmithing, farriery

  • Obchod s potravinami

    Block of flats

  • Obchod s potravinami

    Fitness centre

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What is the subject-matter of the insurance?

The subject-matter of the insurance is constructions, buildings, building components and appurtenances. It also includes stocks, own movable assets, third party’s items used or taken, documentation, money, valuables and valuable items or items of special artistic, historical or collectible value.

For whom is the insurance intended?

Property and commercial liability insurance MaxByznys On-line is designed mainly for small sole traders and small businesses with annual sales of up to CZK 15 million that would like to protect their property against sudden and unexpected events.

What activities can be insured?

The insurance is suitable, for example, for grocery stores, accommodation (hotels, pensions etc.), restaurant operation, forge shops, blocks of flats, fitness centres etc.

What can be insured?

You can insure a set of commercial buildings, movable assets without stocks, money and valuables, liability insurance, stocks, supplementary insurance of money, valuables and supplementary insurance against vandalism.

What is covered by commercial buildings insurance?

This insurance covers natural hazards, supplementary insurance against theft of building components and supplementary insurance of glass.

What is covered by the insurance of movable assets without stocks, money and valuables?

The insurance covers natural hazards, supplementary theft insurance, supplementary engineering insurance – machinery and electronics.

What protection does liability insurance offer?

Liability insurance includes general liability for damage, product liability, liability for items taken over/used, liability for items brought by employees and third parties, and insurance of health insurance companies’ recourse.

What is the recourse of health insurance companies?

As part of liability insurance, you can insure against the recourse of health insurance companies for employees and third parties. It covers compensation for the insured’s treatment costs paid by the health insurance company to the health care facility from public health insurance funds where the insured is liable for the damage. Similarly, this supplementary insurance also covers damages to be paid to health insurance institutions.

How are your stocks protected under stocks insurance?

It covers natural hazards and supplementary theft insurance.

What risks are covered by supplementary insurance of money and valuables?

Your money and valuables will be protected against natural hazards and by supplementary theft insurance.

What are the insured’s obligations during the insurance term?

The insured is obliged to provide complete and true information about the insurance risk before and during the policy period, report to the insurance company all changes of contact details, pay insurance premiums in time and in the agreed amount, make sure that no damage occurs and take measures to mitigate the consequences of loss if such loss has already occurred.

When and how to make payments?

Regular insurance premium is payable on the first day of the insurance term, and in-full premiums upon the commencement of the insurance, unless the insurance policy provides otherwise. Premiums may be paid by bank transfer (by a payment or standing order) or by a money order.

When does coverage commence?

The insurance coverage commences on the date specified as the commencement of insurance in the insurance policy. The commencement of insurance can be set no sooner than on the ninth day after taking out the insurance.

How to take out this insurance?

The insurance can be easily taken out online from the comfort of your home or office. You will receive all the documents by email. There is an attractive bonus in the form of a 15% discount.

Why take out this insurance?

The main advantages of the insurance include a wide range of sums insured and insurance limits, flexible coverage setting of insurance risks and the possibility to insure buildings, movable assets and commercial liability in one policy.

Where am I covered by the insurance?

Property insurance is not connected with the place of insurance stated in the insurance policy. Usually, it is the address where the operations or the manufacturing premises of the insured are located (where the insured items are located). Third-party liability insurance applies to the territory of a specified country (e.g. the Czech Republic) or otherwise specified territory stated in the insurance policy, e.g. the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries, or the world except for the US and Canada.

How can I report a change in my registered address?

If your registered address changes, it is absolutely necessary to notify the insurer of such change in writing.

Whom should I contact if I need to change any data in my insurance policy?

In this case, please send an email to

How can I terminate the contract?

You can terminate the insurance contract by a written notice of termination delivered within two months of the date of concluding the insurance contract (the insurance will expire at the end of the eight-day notice period), at least six weeks before the end of the insurance period (the insurance will expire by the last day of the given insurance period) or within three months of the date of insurance claim reported to the insurance company (the insurance will expire at the end of the month-long notice period).