Civil liability insurance

  • It protects the activities of
    the insured in an everyday civil life
  • It also covers persons living together with the insured in one household
  • You may set up the insurance online from the comfort of your home with a 40% discount
  • This is additional insurance to property insurance

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Personal Injury CZK 1 000 000 CZK 5 000 000 CZK 10 000 000

Property Damage

CZK 500 000 CZK 2 500 000 CZK 5 000 000
Subsequent Financial Loss CZK 250 000 CZK 1 250 000 CZK 2 500 000
Non-material Damage CZK 50 000 CZK 100 000 CZK 200 000

Civil liability insurance

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Against which risks are you protected?

  • Krádež

    Burglary and robbery

  • Náraz dopravního prostředku

    Damage by vehicle crash

  • Rozbití sanitárního zařízení

    Broken sanitary facility

  • Pád stromu

    Fallen trees or poles

  • Vystoupení vody

    Sewage backup & overflow

  • Přetlak a zamrzání

    Buildup and freezing water

What interests you most

What damage does the civil liability insurance cover?

This insurance covers damage incurred in connection with an activity of the insured in everyday civil life, while managing the household and operating its equipment while conducting free-time activities or of the insured as a cyclist or a pedestrian.

Who is covered by the insurance?

The coinsured persons in the scope of the insured risks are persons living together with the insured in one household, such as spouse, partner or children under 26, including stepchildren and adoptive children of the insured, the spouse or partner and children who have been placed into foster care of the insured, its spouse or partner.

Does the insurance also cover sports activities?

The civil liability insurance for damages covers health and recreational sports with the exception of competitions and professional activities.

Which animals are protected by the civil liability insurance for damages?

The insurance covers domestic, small and farm animals (e.g. dog, cat, cow etc.) except those animals kept for profit.

What is the difference between professional liability and liability in everyday civil life?

The employee’s liability to the employer applies to damage and injuries caused at work; the employer may require up to 4.5 times the amount of your salary. The civil liability is related to everyday activity at such time when you are not at work.

How can I set up the civil liability insurance?

You can set up this insurance additionally to the property or household insurance online via our website, at our office or via a licensed partner.

How to pay the first premium?

The amount, manner and frequency of the premium payments are specified in the insurance policy. Unless stipulated otherwise in the insurance policy, a regular premium is payable on the first day of the insurance period. It may be paid by a bank transfer (by a payment or standing order) or by a money order.

How do the online insurance deals work?

The process of concluding a contract is simple, simply follow the instructions on the website. In this case, the insurance contract arises upon the payment of the premium and you will receive all necessary documentation to your e-mail address.

I need to change some details of the insurance policy. How can I do that?

If you wish to change some detail of your insurance policy, please fill out the Application for Change in Insurance Policy and we will make the appropriate changes accordingly.

How should I report an insured event?

If an insured event arises, it is necessary to fill out the relevant report which can be found in section Conditions and Forms. We recommend accompanying the documents with photo documentation of the damage and damaged property and also with the title deeds of the destroyed/damaged property, or even an affidavit.

What is the amount of excess?

You will find the information on the amount of your excess (if one is set up) in your insurance policy. The excess is deducted from the calculated insurance compensation.

How can I terminate the insurance policy?

You can terminate your insurance at the end of the insurance period. However, the notice of termination must be delivered at least six weeks before the end of the insurance period. Alternatively, by expiry or by the termination of use of the subject of insurance. The forms of termination are specified in the applicable insurance terms and conditions.