In 2019, Maxima pojišťovna had the best economic result in its history

(Prague, July 17, 2020) Maxima pojišťovna has been growing dynamically in recent years, which was reflected in an increase in the prescribed insurance premium by 18% to CZK 734 million last year. This is historically the best result of the insurance company. The number of contracts in the insurance portfolio increased by 7% to 579 thousand pieces. The increase in written premiums was also reflected in the growth of the company's profit, which increased by 88% compared to the previous year and reached CZK 32 million.

Last year, the life insurance segment grew the fastest, specifically increasing by 28% and reaching CZK 95 million. The non-life segment added 17% or CZK 639 million in absolute terms.

Maxima pojišťovna, a.s.