Health insurance of foreign nationals for pregnant women and newborns with new higher limits

(Prague, 2 September 2019) The Maxima insurance company has been offering its health insurance products for foreign nationals to pregnant women too for many years.. These products cover not only the mother and the costs of childbirth, but also postnatal care for the newborn.

Newborns often have various postnatal complications that tend to make the stay in the hospital very expensive. We know it is stressful when the family has to manage debts and financial matters with the hospital instead of taking care of the newborn baby. 

The fear of health complications is very unpleasant, which is why the Maxima insurance company decided to increase the insurance coverage limits for the supplementary insurance product Pregnancy Basic from CZK 100,000 to CZK 500,000 and to CZK 1 million for the supplementary insurance product Pregnancy Plus. The second type of supplementary insurance also includes a bonus of CZK 500 as a contribution to the payment for the father’s presence at childbirth, and/or possibly infant food or nappies for the baby.

We recommended consulting pregnancy insurance in person at our branch office – Italská 24, Prague 2.

Maxima pojišťovna, a.s.