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Hospitalization insurance

Hospital stay during an inevitable hospitalization is getting constantly more and more expensive over the past years. We understand that the payment for such stay is the last thing you want to deal with during your hospitalization. Therefore, we have prepared a special hospitalization insurance that will settle everything for you. Hospitalization insurance is applicable to a stay in hospital due to illness or injury. The purpose of this insurance is to refund your hospitalization financial costs and also the costs of the subsequent recovery. Moreover, this insurance evens up your losses from your daily income, which you cannot afford to lose even for the short term.

Benefits of hospitalization insurance

  • Hospitalization insurance covers costs of hospitalization due to illness, injury, pregnancy and childbirth.
  • Hospitalization will be paid for from your first day in a hospital.
  • If the coverage of CZK 100,- is not enough for you, you can get additionally insured for a higher amount (e.g. when using higher standard hospital care)
  • Hospitalization insurance is intended for citizens in the age of 18 up to 75 years.

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