• Even the cheapest package already
    covers thunder, lightning and wind
  • It provides alternative accommodation up to
    CZK 30 thousand
  • It includes both civil and owner liability
  • It provides clients with free assistance services

List of property insurance packages

  Ideal Excelent VIP
Natural Disaster Risks ok ok ok
Flood and Flash Flood fail fail ok
Basic Water Damage ok ok ok
Extensive Water Damage fail max CZK
25 thous.
max CZK
50 thous.
Alternative Accommodation ok ok ok
Damage to Insulated Facade
by Birds, Insects or Rodents
ok ok ok
Theft on Site max CZK
25 thous.
max CZK
100 thous.
max CZK
200 thous.
Vandalism ok ok ok

Liability Insurance Scope

  Ideal Excelent VIP
Personal Injury CZK 1 000 000 CZK 2 000 000 CZK 6 000 000
Property Damage CZK 500 000 CZK 1 000 000 CZK 3 000 000
Subsequent Financial Loss CZK 250 000 CZK 500 000 CZK 1 000 000
Non-material Damage CZK 25 000 CZK 50 000 CZK 100 000

MaxDomov property and liability insurance

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Against what do we protect you?


  • Tíha sněhu

    Heavy Snow
    and Ice

  • Vystoupení vody

    Sewage Backup
    & Overflow

  • Náraz dopravního prostředku

    Damage by Vehicle Crash

  • Krádež, vloupání

    Theft, Burglary and Robbery

  • Vandalismus

    Home and Site Vandalism

  • Zkrat, podpětí, přepětí

    Short Circuit, Undervoltage and
    Overvoltage or
    Damage to Facade

What interests you most

What is the phone number of the MaxDomov assistance service?

If necessary, call this number +420 296 339 687. The assistance service is available to you 24/7, 365 days a year.

What documents are necessary to claim an insured event?

In order for the claim to be approved, it is necessary to submit a completed insurance claim form; in case of theft, damage or destruction of property, the title deeds and the theft report protocol must be submitted; and in the event of theft resulting from burglary, the resolution must also be submitted. It is also suitable to attach photo documentation of damage and damaged property.

Does the real estate insurance also cover greenhouses, polyhouses and wells?

Yes, the listed items are covered as adjacent constructions in the event of an accident, i.e. there is no need to insure them.

Can I insure a building or an apartment under construction?

Yes, it is possible. Our insurance will protect your property from the beginning to its completion and final inspection. The only condition is to situate it within the territory of the Czech Republic.

Who can use the liability insurance, in other words, which persons are coinsured?

The coinsured persons are the spouse or partner of the insured person. This also includes children under 26 (incl. stepchildren) and adoptive children or children who have been placed into foster care of the insured, its spouse or partner.

What types of liability insurance do you offer and which option is suitable for me?

Maxima insurance company has prepared two options for liability insurance. The first applies to liability for damages of a citizen related to the activities of the insured in ordinary civil life while conducting free-time activities, the second option covers damage incurred in connection with ownership, possession, rental or management of a real estate.