Engineering insurance (machinery and electronics)


Engineering insurance (machinery and electronics)

Contents insurance covers all your machinery and electronic equipment in case of natural hazards. 

However, we also offer machinery insurance against damage due to mechanical or internal causes, such as design errors of the machine, material defects or manufacturing defects (unless the manufacturer or the supplier is liable for the defect or unless it is caused by regular wear and tear etc.).

A machine can be often damaged due to operators’ errors or clumsiness. For these cases of damage, we recommend taking out engineering insurance, which is concluded based on the “all-risk insurance principle”, i.e. the insurance covers all risks that are not excluded by insurance terms and conditions or contractual arrangements (as opposed to the principle of listed risks, such as in the case of insurance against natural hazards).

Machinery and electronics insurance covers:

  • machines, machinery and technical equipment, including accessories

  • electrotechnical or electronic equipment and devices, including accessories