Change your information in the insurance policy

Both if you need to change your personal data and if you want to change something in your personal or property insurance policy - fill in the relevant form (you can download it at the bottom of the page), sign it and send its scan by e-mail to or post it to the address of the insurance company:

Maxima pojišťovna a.s.
Italská 1583/24
120 00 Praha 2 Vinohrady


Method of reporting changes to valid business insurance policy by insured party depend on whether the policy was negotiated through a broker. This means, that if before signing, the person interested in the insurance has provided the broker with power of attorney to represent them for the purpose of this insurance interest, then the policy contains the identification data of the broker and a statement that the broker shall represent the insured party in negotiation with the insurance company.

In such case, the insured party shall report changes (for example, of corresponding address) and submit the application for changing of insurance policy (for example, increasing permuims, changes of insurance scope, etc.) by the means of the empowered broker specified in the insurance policy.

If insurance policy was negotiated without mediation broker (e.g. the insurance policy does not include identification details of a broker nor the statement that the broker represents the insured party in negotiation with the insurance company), the insured party shall report changes and submit application forms for changes of insurance policy directly to the insurance company via the e-mail address