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If you have any questions about insurance, please do not hesitate to contact our hotline +420 273 190 400 or our branch staff, who will provide you with professional advice in several languages and with the possibility to directly enter into a contract..

Maxima pojišťovna offers a wide range of insurance policies, such as personal insurance, property insurance or business insurance, from which literally anyone can choose. You can find more information about our insurance products and the possibilities how to purchase them on our website in the Insurance section or by calling the above telephone numbers.

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Since when is the insurance contract effective?

Insurance contracts arise, i.e. become effective, upon their signature or upon payment of an insurance premium - depending on the specific terms and conditions of the product.

Who is a close person?

A close person means a spouse, a civil partner, a sibling, a direct relative, or a person living in the same household.

What is loss?

Damage means property loss (also as property damage) or nonmaterial loss.

How is the insurance benefit determined?

Insurance benefit is determined with respect to the incurred damage, and it is limited by the sum insured or the insurance benefit limit agreed in the insurance contract or insurance terms and conditions, either by fixed amount or a percentage. If the insurance policy was taken out with an excess, such excess is deducted from the calculated insurance benefit. The insurer shall pay the insurance benefit in cash in the domestic currency. If a currency conversion is needed, the exchange rate published by the Czech National Bank (CNB) as at the date of the loss shall be used.

What consequences may violations of the policy holder’s obligations have?

If a policyholder, when taking out an insurance policy or when amending an insurance contract, violates one of the obligations stipulated by law, insurance terms, or in the insurance contract, and if, as a consequence, a lower insurance premium was set, the insurer becomes entitled to lower the insurance benefit. When entering into an insurance contract or when making a claim, the policyholder shall provide the insurer with true information relating to the purchased policy; otherwise, the insurer is entitled to decline (i.e. not to pay) the insurance benefit or to withdraw from the insurance contract.

Who is the reinsurance broker of Maxima pojišťovna?

Aon Benfield is the reinsurance broker of Maxima pojišťovna, with SCOR GLOBAL P&C as the head reinsurer.

What does it mean if my insurance contract states that insurance period with automatic extension has been agreed?

If the insurance contract sets out an insurance period with an automatic extension, the insurance term period be extended automatically by another year of insurance, unless the insurer or the policyholder notifies the other party that it is no longer interested in continuation of the insurance policy at least 6 weeks before the expiration of the insurance year. In this way, the policy is extended, always by one insurance year.

Where can I find exemptions from the insurance policy?

Exemptions from the insurance policy are stated in the respective terms of insurance, which you will receive upon entering into the insurance contract; alternatively, they are freely accessible in the Terms and Forms section.

I have taken out an insurance policy with you. How can I extend the insurance contract?

In this case, contact the licensed business partner with whom you agreed the insurance policy or visit our branch where you can agree on how to proceed further.

What does the loss payable clause in insurance contract mean and how to negotiate it?

The loss payable clause is used by the creditor as a means of protection of the property for which it lent funds to the debtor. Loss payable clauses therefore mean the blockage of payment of the insurance benefit, mostly in favour of the insurance creditor. It is often used in property mortgages, where the potential insurance benefit is blocked in favour of the bank which provided the loan. Loss payable clauses may be applied only with the policyholder’s consent. Each bank or another creditor have their own forms for loss payable clauses. Send the completed documents by post to: Italská 1583/24, 120 00 Prague 2 Vinohrady, and Maxima pojišťovna will send them back free of charge. In personal delivery of the documents to a branch or the headquarters of the company, the loss payable clause will be executed as fast as possible; however, not always on the while-you-wait basis. Loss payable clause may be added only to a paid insurance policy.

How can insurance policies of foreign nationals be taken out online?

The process of entering into the contract is simple: follow the instructions on the page in your preferred language (Czech, English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Spanish). In this case, the insurance contract arises upon the payment of the premium, and you will receive all the necessary documentation will be sent to your email address.

I have taken out a policy online and received an email with the contract, what should I do with it?

If the contract is paid, your policy is active. You can choose from two options: you either simply print the contract or save it on your computer.

Why cannot I fill any data in the field? It says “invalid data”.

Please check if you entered the data in the correct format. You cannot use special characters or symbols. If the problems persist, please send an email to

How can I pay a policy taken out online?

Online insurance can be paid by a credit card online or by a bank transfer (according to the product purchased).

How to change information in the contract?

In this case, it is necessary to fill in the respective Proposal to Change the Insurance Contract form, which you can find in the Terms and Forms section. The completed form can be sent to or by post to Italská 1583/24, 120 00 Prague 2, Vinohrady.

When and how to make a claim?

The claim must be made in writing and submitted to the insurer. Completed appropriate form, which you can find in the Terms and Forms section. The form may be sent by email to or by post to Italská 1583/24 120 00 Prague 2, Vinohrady or by fax to +420 273 190 412.

Until when must claims be made?

We recommend making the claim immediately after the loss. Claims may be made within 4 years, in the event of death within 11 years.

The policy is no longer active, can the client make a retroactive claim?

Yes, it is possible on the condition the client was insured at the time of the loss.

How long does it take to settle a claim?

The law stipulates a 90-day period for claim settlement; however, we try to make the whole process of claim settlement as fast as possible.

How much is the excess?

The amount of excess is agreed in the insurance contract or stipulated in the terms of insurance and must be in the form of fixed fees or a certain percentage.

For what reasons can insurance policy be terminated?

The policyholder may terminate the insurance on the date specified in the insurance contract or based on a written agreement of the parties thereof. The reasons why the insurer may terminate the insurance policy are stipulated by the law and are set out in the terms of insurance.