Foreigners can register for covid-19 vaccination

(Praha, 14. 6. 2021) The Ministry of Health has launched vaccination registration for all those who do not have public health insurance in the Czech Republic or the European Union and are long-term residents of the Czech Republic.

Foreigners living in the Czech Republic for a long time, for example, will also be able to register. The reservation system will offer designated vaccination sites, which will also have foreign language speaking staff. There will be at least one vaccination site for this group in each region, and six in Prague, including the large-capacity O2 Universum. Vaccination will be with the Comirnaty vaccine. The price per dose will not exceed CZK 810 and the vaccination sites will allow payment for vaccination on the spot.

Registration for the vaccination will take place through the Central Registration System, where a separate registration form has been prepared, at Most vaccination sites in the regions are ready to open dates for vaccination immediately, Prague centres will announce them in the second half of June. The public can find an overview of all participating vaccination sites, including information on their weekly capacities and payment options, at Those interested in vaccinating should bring proof of identity, proof of residence in the Czech Republic, and a credit card/cash (some vaccination sites accept only card payments on site).

Payment for the vaccination will have to be paid by the client on the spot and will then be reimbursed by the insurance company as a standard insurance claim.

The vaccination certificate or EU covid passport can then be obtained on the portal. Just enter your phone number, email and date of birth. From 1 July, this certificate / EU covid passport will be the ticket for free travel throughout the EU.

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