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Company insurance

  • Property natural hazards insurance
  • Business interruptions insurance

The company insurance is concluded for the events of consequent losses caused by business interruption due to natural hazards damage caused to insured property.

Consequent losses are understood to be:

  • loss of profit from manufacturing or commercial activities which the insured would otherwise earn for the period of business interruption, but not longer than for the insured period
  • fixed costs specified in the insurance contract which the insured must unconditionally carry even in case of business interruption, for the period no longer than the insured period.


Variable costs which do not happen during business interruption are not covered, for example, costs of materials, raw material, technological energy supply and delivered goods, if the costs in question are not maintenance costs or operational costs, etc.

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  • Machinery insurance
  • Electronics insurance
  • Glass insurance
  • General liability insurance
  • Product liability insurance

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