In 2019, Maxima paid 98% of the reported damages from foreigners' health insurance

(Prague July 16 2020) Maxima pojišťovna is one of the leaders in the market of health insurance for foreigners with tens of thousands of satisfied clients, and its main benefits include fast and, above all, reliable settlement of claims.

In 80% of cases, foreigners do not pay anything for a treatment at a doctor and the payment for the treatment is addressed by the insurance company directly with the contracted medical facility. Maxima pojišťovna has a sufficient number of contracted hospitals and medical facilities that cover the needs of clients throughout the Czech Republic. All facilities are informed about the scope of our insurance coverage and in most cases doctors also have the appropriate language skills. The client does not deal with the payment for the treatment here, the part that is covered by the insurance is directly invoiced to the insurance company by the medical facility (except for dental treatments). Commercial health insurance for foreigners is relatively specific and the insurance company's intention is to maintain, in particular, the quality of services that foreigners receive from the contracted facilities.

We currently liquidate 20% of claims individually, every year there are thousands of cases that need to be assessed and the damage reimbursed as soon as possible. In most cases, the client receives the funds to their account within a few days. Maxima pojišťovna is currently preparing express payment for claims, which would significantly contribute to client satisfaction.

Insurance is not just a paper, it really helps.

In 2019, we settled 97.5% of the total number of reported events as liquid, i.e. insurance indemnity was paid. We liquidated an average of 1,000 damages per month, including very expensive treatments, for which clients would otherwise have paid millions of crowns from their own pockets - for example:

• a client diagnosed with leukemia,
• a client with acute pancreatitis,
• a client hospitalised after having been hit by a train,
• hospitalisation of a client after heart failure,
• hospitalisation of a client with septic shock and multiorgan failure,
• hospitalisation of a client with fluidothorax and subsequent diagnosis of TBC.
Insurance from Maxima can be relied on.

MAXIMA pojišťovna