Express settlement of damages from MaxMedical Health Insurance for Foreigners

(Prague, 3 August 2020) Since the beginning of August, Maxima pojišťovna (insurance company) has introduced a new service for clients of health insurance for foreigners. Minor damages up to CZK 1,500 can be claimed immediately at the central branch of Maxima pojišťovna at Italská 1583/24, Prague 2 - Vinohrady.

You will receive the funds immediately in cash or on your client's account within three working days of reporting the damage at the branch. These claims include, for example, the payment of preventive examinations within the framework of comprehensive health insurance or the payment of prescribed medicines for acute problems.

To report a damage, it is necessary to fill in the Foreigner Health Insurance Claims Report form, which is available on the website here or directly at the branch office. An integral part of the report is the documentation of the medical report and certificate of payment for the health care provided. In the event of payment of a contribution for medicines, we accept a receipt from the pharmacy with a medical report or a copy of the prescription. The maximum amount of insurance benefits paid corresponds to the amount and scope of public health insurance in the Czech Republic.

The majority of clients use the contractual medical facilities of Maxima pojišťovna, where the client does not pay directly for the treatment (with the exception of dental surgeries) and the medical facility invoices the operation directly to the insurance company.

We believe that Express settlement of damages will contribute to the satisfaction of our clients with the company's services.

MAXIMA pojišťovna