New product of health insurance for foreigner nationals "MaxMedical Exclusive" with a limit of EUR 150,000

(Prague, 2 September 2019) In September, Maxima pojišťovna began offering a new version of a comprehensive health insurance for foreigner nationals titled "Exclusive". 

Compared to the Standard variant, the new product has significantly higher limits both for the insured event and the overall limit of insurance benefit - currently the highest one on the market. Even the limit for acute treatment in the Schengen countries outside the Czech Republic has doubled (to EUR 60,000) and increased to EUR 40,000 for repatriation. The limit for acute dental treatment has significantly increased to EUR 800. The clients need to be warned that this is not a voucher for treatment, but that the insurance covers the same standard treatment procedures as common public health insurance for Czech citizens. They usually have to pay extra for white composite resin fillings, for example.

Ing. Lukáš Elstner, Head of Product Department, Maxima pojišťovna, says: "With health insurance, we have the ambition to maintain a long-term position of a leader who will offer clients the top services and products. This makes us constantly come up with innovations that would be beneficial to our clients.” Elstner adds: "It is extremely important for us that clients really understand what they are buying and what they can expect from our insurance, but we always try to please them. The quality of our insurance is not exception in this context."

Comprehensive health insurance for foreigner nationals "MaxMedical Exclusive" can be arranged by clients at the licensed partners of the insurance company, at branch office  or online from their mobile or PC. The price for annual insurance is CZK 24 to 26 thousand, subject to age. Now the clients have the option to buy the insurance, with a discount, for CZK 16 380, and for students and young people under 30 we have an offer at CZK 15 360.

Maxima pojišťovna, a.s.