Comprehensive Health Insurance of Foreign Nationals

  • Convenient rate for proven service, especially for students under 30
  • The insurance is suitable, in particular, for long-term stays of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic.
  • 140 contractual medical facilities over the whole Czech Republic.
  • MaxCare premium health and support programs. Liability insurance for annual and longer contracts


How does insurance work?


Sjednání online


You can arrange insurance online on our website, at our branch, or with our licenced partner. 

smluvní zařízení


In case of health problems, please visit any of the medical facilities the list of which is available on our website.



Don't worry about the payment. The insurance company will arrange the reimbursement of the cost with the doctor or the medical facility. 


What does the insurance contain?

Insurance Content Comprehensive Health Insurance of Foreign Nationals
Comprehensive Health Insurance of Foreign Nationals
Comprehensive healthcare ok ok
Acute medical treatment ok ok
Limit per insured event EUR 400,000 EUR 600,000
Repatriation limit EUR 400,000 EUR 600,000
Insurance limit in Schengen countries within the scope of necessary and urgent care  EUR 30,000 EUR 100,000
Liability insurance (for annual and longer contract) ok ok
Free assistance services ok ok
Acute dental treatment EUR 400 EUR 1000
Preventive check-ups ok ok
Mandatory incolutation within the scope of public insurance ok ok
Drugs prescribed within the scope of public insurance ok ok
It meets the legal conditions of stay of foreign nationals in the Czech Republic ok ok
Pregnancy and childbirth without waiting time in the Premium variant incl. Pregnancy Package additional insurance possible fail
MaxCare (total fill limit)** fail 4 000Kč
Free TeleMedic service fail ok

* Please note that dental treatment is paid for in cash at the prices of public health insurance, with a limit of EUR 400 / 1000.

** The insurance includes an allowance for MaxCare and the Pregnancy Package over and above the care covered by public insurance.

Calling an ambulance is covered in the event of an immediate threat to life (collapse, epileptic seizure, accident, childbirth).
The insurance company does not cover the visit of a doctor to remove a tick. It is recommended to visit a pharmacy where tools and products for this purpose are available.

Comprehensive Health Insurance of Foreign Nationals

Comprehensive Health Insurance of Foreign Nationals

is based on long-term experience in insuring foreign nationals

conclude insurance on-line


Insurance-related advantages


  • Splňuje legislativu

    The insurance meets the conditions pursuant to the Act on the Stay of Foreign Nationals in the Czech Republic 

  • ošetření

    Treatment in contractual facilities without direct reimbursement of the cost 

  • shengen

    It also covers necessary and urgent care in the Schengen area

  • limit

    Performance limit up to 600 000 Euros.

  • odp

    In contracts concluded for more than 1 year, liability insurance of persons is included in the price

  • smluvní zařízení

    Quality and available network of doctor's offices all over the Czech Republic

What interests you most

What is the difference between Comprehensive Health Insurance of Foreign Nationals and Insurance of Necessary and Urgent Care of Foreign Nationals?

Comprehensive health insurance for foreigners is intended mainly for those who are staying in the Czech Republic for a long period of time and are interested in comprehensive medical care in contracted medical facilities, usually without direct payment of treatment fees. It is possible to take out additional insurance for pregnancy and childbirth under this insurance. Necessary and urgent care insurance covers only acute treatment and is mainly sought by those who plan to stay in the Czech Republic for up to 3 months.

Are there any situations not covered by this insurance?

This insurance cannot be applied in the case of so-called medical tourism (i.e. deliberate travel to the Czech Republic for the purpose of receiving medical care) at the moment when the individual is a participant of the public health insurance of the Czech Republic, and it cannot be applied to illnesses and accidents that occurred before the conclusion of the insurance contract, except for the Exclusive variant, which is not subject to this restriction. Furthermore, the insurance does not cover procedures that are not medically or legally accepted, nor does it cover damage caused intentionally, damage caused by a violation of a medical procedure or in the case of fault or complicity. The insurance does not cover damages (accidents are an exception) resulting from the ingestion of alcohol, drugs and other psychotropic substances, physiotherapy treatment that is not necessary to eliminate immediate health complications, and cosmetic and aesthetic operations that are not part of the treatment.

Liability insurance of foreign nationals is part of comprehensive health insurance of foreign nationals. Who is this insurance intended for and what does it cover?

This insurance is an automatic part of contracts taken out for a year or more and covers injury to life and limb, property damage to property or an animal, including the cost of veterinary treatment for an injured animal, and consequential property damage (consequential financial loss)

Can my partner take out this insurance for me?

Yes, it is possible. The person taking out the insurance will be stated as the policy holder in the contract and the person in the name of whom the contract is concluded will be stated therein as the insured. To conclude the contract, the policy holder needs to submit his identity document and information on the insured (the insured's full name, date of birth, nationality, passport number, and address of stay in the Czech Republic).

Is a foreign national obliged to have health insurance taken out in the Czech Republic?

Yes, he is. There are two types of insurance a foreign national may choose from: public health insurance or commercial health insurance. The Czech public health insurance applies to persons irrespective of nationality with a permanent address in the Czech Republic and to persons without a permanent address in the Czech Republic, but employed with a company seated in the Czech Republic. If a person does not meet either of the conditions, he must arrange commercial health insurance. Both types of insurance are eligible for the issuance of visa.

I am a foreign national living in the Czech Republic and planning to get pregnant or being pregnant. Is there an insurance option for me?

Yes, Maxima insurance company offers these women Comprehensive Health Insurance Premium. This insurance is designed for pregnant women between 15 and 50 years of age and covers the cost of standard medical procedures related to the insured's follow-up at a pregnancy clinic and subsequent delivery at the insurance company's contracted medical facility. At the same time, it offers a limit of benefits beyond the standard health care provided in a pregnancy clinic up to CZK 3,000, the so-called Pregnancy Package. For more information, please contact the Maxima insurance company branch.

I have a child less than one year old. Can health insurance be arranged for him or her?

Insurance company Maxima offers insurance for children from the age of 1 year.

Health insurance of foreign nationals can be arranged online. How does it work?

In this case, the insurance contract is considered as concluded after the insurance premium is paid. You will receive all necessary documents at your e-mail. The process of concluding the contract is simple. Just follow the instructions on the website in the language that suits you most (Czech, English, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Spanish).

How can I change or correct my data in the contract?

If you need to change or correct your data in the contract, you have to fill in the Request for a Change in the Insurance Contract for Health Insurance of Foreign Nationals and send it to the insurance company’s address Maxima pojišťovna a. s., likvidace pojistných událostí, Italská 1583/24, 120 00 Praha 2 – Vinohrady, by e-mail to, or through your agent.

Based on what grounds can the insurance expire?

Health insurance of foreign nationals may expire for several reasons, such as the expiry of the insurance period specified in the insurance contract, death of the insured, termination of the insured’s stay or his expulsion from the Czech Republic, obtaining of public health insurance, or withdrawal from the insurance contract. These situations are specifically described in the General Insurance Conditions.

How can I terminate the contract? 

In such case, it is necessary to fill in the Request for a Cancellation of the Health Insurance Contract. Please send the completed form by e-mail to, in writing to Maxima pojišťovna a. s., Italská 1583/24, 120 00 Praha 2 – Vinohrady, or through your agent. .

What is TeleMedic and when am I eligible?

The TeleMedic service is a free consultation with a physician regarding your health, symptoms of illness or information on medication, which can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week by calling +420 296 339 685. Consultations can be made in Czech, English, Russian and Ukrainian. The service is part of the MaxMedical comprehensive health insurance for foreigners in the Exclusive variant.