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General liability insurance for business

General liability insurance for a loss caused by an entrepreneur to a third party is obligatory by law. It covers the entrepreneur's expenses for claims of third parties which he carries legal responsibility for. If you undertake a small business, the loss in question does not necessarily have to happen due to your negligence or due to violation of your legal obligations. In many cases you are responsible for a loss regardless of whose fault it is (i.e., objective fault).

Losses which you can incur:

  • damage to health or life
  • material loss
  • consequent financial loss

Insurance of liability for loss incurred to the insured person in the result of:

  • operational activities
  • exercising of the right of ownership, maintenance and administration of the immovable property
  • by faulty product

All these events are covered by the liability insurance for business.

A specific type of loss incurred to a third party is a liability for a loss due to a faulty product, or due to faulty execution of work after its handover. Your product can cease to perform its functions due to faulty construction or material fault and as a result may cause losses (e.g., faulty refrigerating equipment may cause damage to stored food in a shop). The subject of the insurance is not the faulty product itself (a mender), but a loss which it incurred. You are responsible for incurred loss even in case that you are not the producer of the product, but its distributor, importer or supplier.

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