Home Credit card assistance services

  • The assistance services are provided automatically with your credit card
    with the option to use them immediately after the activation.
  • Continuous24/7/365 service in the Czech Republic and abroad.
  • Assistance services are provided in the Czech and Slovak language on the phone line
    +420 542 527 528.
  • The hotline provides assistance in cases related to everyday civil life (e.g. assistance regarding vehicles or household).

What does the different kinds of assistance cover?

Assistance What is included?
Household assistance

Services of a plumber, roofer, glazier, heating technician, locksmith, post-warranty repair of appliances not older than three years

Medical assistance

Medical info-line, premium accommodation during hospital admission, supplementary payment on medication during hospital admission, transport to a medical examination in the case of limited mobility, transport from the hospital following the admission

Telephone legal counselling

Information on purchase and lease agreements, labour law consultancy, basic information on neighbourhood relations, contract for work and consumer protection consultancy, basic information on distraint

Vehicle assistance

On-site repair, provided accommodation, alternative transport, tyre replacement, refuelling and parking fees


Home Credit card assistance services

Home Credit card assistance services

Immediate quality advice in several different fields

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What you should know?


  • Okamžitá pomoc

    Always report each insured event first to the assistance service on Assistance hotline +420 542 527 528. Otherwise, the services provided will not be compensated.

  • Domácnost

    Household assistance only applies to your permanent residence.

  • Poradenství

    Legal counselling cannot be applied when solving disputes between the insured and the Home Credit company, Maxima insurance company or the Assistance Services Provider.

Maxima pojišťovna, a.s. provides assistance services through an assistance services provider
IČ: 25695215
se sídlem Hvězdova 1689/2a
140 00 Praha 4

You can find more detailed information on the product in the terms and conditions.

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What phone number should I use when I need assistance?

The assistance services are available on the Assistance hotline +420 542 527 528 available 24/7 in the Czech Republic and abroad.

When (i.e. in which situations) can I use the assistance service?

This service can be used in the case of vehicle assistance (e.g. when replacing a tyre or towing a car for repair), household assistance (the insurance applies only to the permanent residence of the insured), medical assistance (concerning, for example, the transport from the hospital after admission or supplementary payments for medication after the hospital admission) or telephone legal advice helping with settlement of court cases or in labour law.

In what language is the assistance service conducted?

The assistance services for Home Credit cards are conducted in the Czech and Slovak languages.

Where is the insurance applicable?

The insurance covers all insured events which occurred in the Czech Republic. In the case of vehicle assistance, the insurance covers even those insured events which occurred in other European countries with the exception of Russia, the Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Turkey. In the case of household assistance, the insurance covers only the insured household.

Can I set up an insurance without the Home Credit card?

No, this is not possible. You can use the assistance service immediately after the card is activated.

For how long can I set up the insurance?

The insurance may only be arranged for the duration of the loan agreement. You are covered by insurance even if your instalment payment is postponed, you are behind with the card loan payment, or you have a blocked card.

What should I do if I need to change my insurance policy?

In such a case, call +420 542 100 100 or send an e-mail to homecredit@homecredit.cz.

How should I report an insured event?

It is necessary to report every insured event to the assistance service first, just call +420 542 527 528. If you fail to do so, you will not get compensated.

What information do I need when communicating with the assistance service?

Whether you are contacting the assistance service by phone, e-mail or in writing, you are required to state your first and last name, birth number, the license plate number and the location of the immobile vehicle in case of vehicle assistance, and in the case of household assistance, the address of the insured household, your telephone number, short description of the claimed event or issue at hand and other information required by the assistance service operators or related to the claim.

Under which circumstances does the insurance expire?

The insurance expires on the last day of the validity of the loan agreement.