UnitedHealthcare Global Insurance

  • The insurance is intended for employees of multinational companies
  • The insurance protection has a worldwide healthcare application
  • This insurance product received the recognition as “Best in its Category”
  • We provide you with this insurance in cooperation with UnitedHealthcare Global​​​​​​​

Insurance in Numbers


The services of UnitedHealthcare Global
are used by more than 75 million individuals.

That is why this company is one of
the biggest provider of health insurance in the USA.

It offers its services to more than
50 countries worldwide.

As well as to all of the US states.

The company currently employs
ca 87 thousand people.

It offers its services to more
han 75 million individuals.


UnitedHealthcare Global Insurance

UnitedHealthcare Global Insurance

Suitable insurance for a wide range of healthcare insurance users

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The insurance includes


  • Zaměstnání v zahraničí

    Insurance for
    working abroad

  • Pro rodinné příslušníky

    Worldwide insurance
    for family members 

  • Služby odborníků ve zdravotnictví

    Possibility to consult
    healthcare professionals

  • Kvalitní zdravotní péče za rozumnou cenu

    Quality healthcare
    for a reasonable price

  • Pomoc žít zdravější život

    Helping you live
    a healthier life

  • Síť ordinací

    Helping you solve
    personal health issues

Contact: uhci@maxima-as.cz or call at +420 273 190 444.

What interests you most

Can I insure myself as a natural person with UnitedHealthcare Global?

Yes, it is possible. For example, with UHC Global, you can set up individual healthcare insurance as a natural person. Besides individuals, the employers, governments, commercial payers, hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical or medical aid manufacturers can also use its services.

Which phone number should I dial to get the assistance service?

The assistance services are provided 24/7 at +420 273 190 444 or via e-mail at uhci@maxima-as.cz.

Who to consult in case of general questions, safety or medical advice?

In this case, call +44 (0)20 39074920 (if your company is based in Europe) or +1 410-453-6330. Be aware that you will need your member’s card number during the communication.

Where do I find out which doctors and hospitals are the contractual insurance partners?

For more information on healthcare facilities, call +420 273 190 444 or write an e-mail to uhci@maxima-as.cz.