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Insurance of liability in ordinary civil life

Insurance of liability can be concluded in combination with household insurance. Not possible to conclude it as a separate product.  

It relates to losses which occurred on the territory of the Czech Republic.

Insurance of liability covers the losses incurred in relation to or caused by:

  • Activities of the insurance in ordinary civil life,
  • Household management and exploitation of household appliances
  • Recreation and entertainment
  • The insured when riding a bicycle or in the role of a pedestrian
  • Exercising of sports for health or recreational reasons( also collective!) excluding  competitions and professional activity
  • The Insured as the owner or keeper of pets, small household animals with exception of animals which are kept for the reasons of gaining profit
  • the Insured as the owner, user or keeper of a non-motor vessel (including windsurfing) which is not reported to State navigation administration
  • Insurance is also relates to civil liability of:
    • Assisting persons  employed in households of the Insured for losses caused to third parties when carrying out these assisting activities, except for the losses caused to the Insured or co-insured persons

    • Persons  to whom the Insured has entrusted housekeeping chores or the care for a pet /household  animal

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In case of liability insurance the co-insured persons are determined to be in the scope of insured risks:

  • Husband (wife), partner of the insured.
  • Children up to 26 years of age, also step-children; adoptees of the insured or his/her partner and children entrusted to the insured, to husband(wife) of the insured, to the partner of the insured for foster care  
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