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The product medical insurance for foreigners in Czech Republic of the insurance company MAXIMA which can be easily arranged online or with the assistance of professionals in the Centre for insurance services.

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Choose a health insurance for foreigners living in Czech Republic

Complex Health Insurance

  • Price from CZK  8 100 per year.

  • Insurance period more than 1 year - TeleMedic for free.

  • Total indemnity limit EUR 80 thousand.

  • In the frames of Amendment of the Act 326/99 Coll.


Insurance of Medical Expenses

  • PREMIUM (Schengen) - CZK 500 per month / CZK 6 000 per year.

  • STANDARD - CZK 400 per month / 4 800 Kč per year.

  • The insurance for foreigners in Czech Republic covers all healing processes associated with the necessary treatment.


Other products

  • PREGNANCY - insurance for pregnant mothers. Indemnification limit is 80 thousand. EUR.

  • BABY - insurance for newborns till two years of life. It covers preventive examinations and compulsory health care in the first year and a half of life.

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